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Our Mission & Vision

The MindBody Doc was founded in 2008 on the back of a simple observation: high quality health care does not equate to good health. Indeed, what passes for health care today lags years and even decades behind the knowledge that currently is available and which ought to propel real innovation and health transformation to the forefront of medical care. This deficit led Dr. Howard Christian to create the vision for the MindBody experience and to develop best-practice, online services to support access for his global clients. Combining a practice built on empathy, intuition and the best health care information available – ancient and modern – with truly transformational healing tools, The MindBody Doc creates an online environment for holistic cure, personalized health care and authentic transpersonal growth. The MindBody Doc is, after all, on a mission to make the world more integrated, its people more connected, one health transformation after another.

About The MindBody Doc - Online MindBody Health Coach-Practitioners

The Story Behind Our Story

Are you looking for a more authentic way to resolve a serious health issue? One that doesn’t require ongoing bombardment with drugs and other often harmful treatments, which do little except mask your symptoms and create unpleasant side effects? Chances are that it’s your dissatisfaction with this approach to health care that brought you here.

Now, raise your hand if you ever get anything out of the impersonal physical examinations you submit your body to every time you visit your doctor. Do you enjoy the limited eye contact and the haste with which you try to tell your story all the while your doctor is not fully present in what you’re telling him or her? Do you accept the fact that a critical part of your story is deliberately kept out of the consult? No? Didn’t think so. And, as it turns out, most other people share your sentiment.

The problem is that there’s a fundamental disconnect between modern medicine and your body’s innate intelligence, which if given the nudge it needs, is perfectly able to heal itself.

Dandelion Seed Closeup

The Story Behind A Simple Observation

Since 2006, my personal story has been one of remarkable personal transformation. I’ve gone from perennial struggler and chronic illness magnet to living the life and enjoying the health of my dreams!

And here’s the kicker: I did this without sacrificing my values, working myself into the ground, discarding my family, leaving to ‘find myself’, setting foot in a clinic of any description, changing my diet, swallowing any pills, going on an exercise bender, giving up anything I enjoy, or succumbing to fads.

I want to help you to enjoy the same kind of success!

I trained as an immunologist because when my grandmother died of cancer, I wanted to create new therapies that would help people overcome their serious chronic illnesses. But I could never reconcile the fact that while I was dedicating a career to biomedicine and the promise of medical breakthroughs, my own health was suffering enormously, as was the health of my young family.

One day I said to myself, “there has to be a better way.” Backing an instinct, I decided to do something I wouldn’t normally do and, as a result, attended a conference on MindBody where I was subsequently forced to question the entire basis for western allopathic medicine. Out of this emerged the realization that new and more expensive technologies, better drugs and a more responsive health care system are not the panacea for our badly failing health care system and chronic poor health.

By the same token, I could no longer accept that having the ‘right’ diet, getting ‘enough’ exercise and taking expensive supplements were the preventative measures we all need to stay healthy, or get us well when we’re sick. Instead, I had to accept that the key ingredient in health maintenance, disease prevention and healing from serious ‘mental’ and ‘physical’ diseases is belief.

Dandelion Seed on Water

What’s Belief Got to Do With…Anything?

Hold on a minute, you say? Belief? But it’s not even a thing! It’s a thought, and thoughts don’t affect things, right?

Actually, wrong. Modern medicine arrived at its state of ineffectiveness because it sought to separate thoughts (mind-mental) from things (body-physical). This separation is already several centuries underway and the cost to individual and community health is enormous. It turns out there is no good reason (or any real evidence) to think of the mind and body as being in anyway separate.

But when we assume for a moment that mind and body are unitary, then thoughts and things are one and the same. They cannot be separated. When we take this unitary step and mind and body become MindBody, we can start to imagine exactly how our everyday thoughts affect our reality. Critically, we now have the motivation to take responsibility for our thoughts and we can make the changes we want to enjoy better health.

Yellow Dandelion on Sky

MindBody: a Path to Connection

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. I started engaging people about how MindBody could be a need fulfilment to enrich not just the lives of individuals, but entire communities and society as a whole. I looked at traditional biomedicine as a model for disconnection – because it was fundamentally about separation – and started thinking of MindBody as a way of reconnecting people to the whole of their being. MindBody is about recognizing and harvesting the power of our experiences and our accompanying subjective stories, and using the union of bodymind with disease-story as an opportunity for transformation and personal growth. Far from being skeptical, people were grateful they could tell their personal stories in an authentic way and also delighted that in the telling they found the unconscious keys to unlock their own personal transformations. MindBody was an idea whose time had come.

MindBody is an idea whose time has come

MindBody: an Authentic End to Suffering

The next question – if MindBody had the power to connect people with their whole being and, in so doing, undergo radical health transformations – why weren’t more people aware of MindBody and using it in their own lives?

The reason was clear: disinformation and fear still rule supreme. In a world whose corporations are so dependent on creating disconnection and fear to sell their products and drive profits, it’s no wonder ideas that challenge the status quo get short shrift. The response to these ideas is to drown any noise they make in a sea of self-interest. The mainstream media and entertainment industry is only too happy to play the game.

The issue isn’t a lack of useful information, but having that information clouded in disinformation and offset by the same false assumptions that plague medicine. And when that happens, people end up swopping one physical assumption (drugs and surgery) for another (dietary regimens, supplements, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, functional foods, exercise benders…). Here at The MindBody Doc, we want to stop the madness!

We started The MindBody Doc with one simple goal: provide an enriched online environment where you can absorb authentic health information and access world class MindBody care intended to put you in charge of your well being. Along the way, we’ve learned to accommodate state-of-the-art energy psychology tools, including meridian tapping techniques such as EFT, matrix reimprinting, and integrative energy and transpersonal (spiritual) psychology, all the while grounding our approach in practice-based evidence and MindBody science.

Our promise and commitment to you is to work compassionately and authentically to help you create your own highest vision of health, vitality and well being. Thanks for joining us on your healing journey.

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