The MindBody Doc Client Testimonials

“My work with The MindBody Doc was deeply healing. My coach’s intuitive abilities allowed him to directly and specifically address past traumas which were effecting me greatly, I was quite amazed at how readily he was able to get to the point. Although initially a bit skeptical, my coach exposed me to a range of techniques that allowed me to release these traumas and move forward with my life. Howard (my coach) is a truly gifted healer and I felt very at ease at all times during our session.”

Susie R

“I am feeling way better! The pain has gone and I’m having a solid sleep every night now. I’ve also noticed I’m a lot calmer as a person, with more time for my young family.”

Ryan D

“I was really struggling to cope with big changes in my life and the online sessions with The MindBody Doc enabled me to gently work through some painful and very emotional experiences. I felt relieved and very calm after our sessions. My coach was always empathetic and understanding and he helped me see why I react the way I do to certain situations. I also discovered the importance of being kind to myself! Now, I am able to move on and have started taking positive steps towards a happy and healthy future, one I couldn’t even see before.”

Di B

“Thank you for helping me discover key issues which have restricted me in achieving my full potential. And for giving me the ability to accept the past as well as the tools and confidence to be the best I can be. I feel a lot happier in myself and my ability to move forward and achieve my dreams.”

Stephanie W

“Howard is an engaged listener and empathetic practitioner who has patiently helped me to unravel the MindBody mystery hidden in my personal challenges. The changes I’ve experienced in myself while working with Howard and The MindBody Doc have been quite remarkable.”

Jane S

“Most recently I brought the issue of my 7 year old daughter Daisy’s difficulty stopping sucking her thumb. It was very enlightening the way my coach was able to help me explore some of my past experiences, thoughts and beliefs that might be influencing my daughter’s habit. I was able to identify messages which might be keeping her stuck in the pattern of comfort and support, and shift some of my beliefs about our relationship. Before we started Daisy was using a thumb guard splint, but pulling it off in her sleep to suck her thumb. Within two days of my session with Howard, Daisy had stopped taking off the splint during the night. She had one week of using the thumb guard, and the following two weeks of only using a little tape on her thumb at night. She has only sucked during the day on three occasions during the past three weeks. My single session with Howard has been a huge success for her.”

Daisy’s Mom